American G-house phenom BIJOU has released his long-awaited debut album Diamond City, and it features an extensive list of talented collaborators across several genres. Released via BIJOU’s own Do Not Duplicate Recordings, the record mixes elements of underground house, hip-hop and bass music for a delectable listen.

The common thread with the collaborations on the record is that they never feel forced or out of place. You’ve got to hand it to the rappers here who manage to capture the vibe of BIJOU’s G-house vision throughout the record. Cuban Doll’s flow on “Baller” is charismatic and fits the vibe of the track; she compliments the lighthearted and dance-y house beat to a T. On “Westside,” Willy Northpole’s humorous bars fit in perfectly with the Dr. Fresch-assisted beats. BIJOU also treats listeners to his darker side on the JACKNIFE collab “Willful” featuring underground rapper Chetta, while then transitioning into more melodic moments on “Fantasy” with DMLT and Vannah, and later with single “Crown” featuring EDM mainstay vocalist Tyler Graves.

With 15 songs and a 47-minute runtime, the album is just as long as it needs to be; nothing is overly drawn out, and one song flows seamlessly into the next to keep the magic going throughout the listen. For as diverse a project as this is, nothing feels out of place, proof of BIJOU’s multi-faceted production skills. Diamond City will hopefully continue to be a catalyst in bringing G-house to the masses of the states and if BIJOU’s extensive success thus far proves anything, I think we can fully expect this sound to catch on.

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