New York-based DJ duo Hearsay instantly caught our attention with their new single, “In Limine.”

The track’s captivating introduction quickly ramps up with warped vocal samples and police sirens before exploding into a mind-bending drop where the vocals continue over a sustained synth and powerful trap drums. Taking things to the next level, a high-energy second drop provides a refreshing switch-up that eventually falls back into a classic trap rhythm.

“‘In limine’ is a term used in the law that translates to ‘on the threshold’ which seems like a good metaphor for our lives right now,” says Hearsay. “It’s fair to say everyone has gone through a lot in the past few months. For us right now we feel like we are on the verge of a huge turning point in our careers and lives. This track is a manifestation of that feeling.'”

Definitely keep an eye out for this rising act and make sure to stream/download “In Limine” here.

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