SLANDER and Moody Good manifested an 11-track, dubstep LP — Heart Break (Remixes) — via Gud Vibrations. Released a mere four days ago, Heart Break (Remixes) is just shy of 100,000 SoundCloud plays. This album gives prominence to in vogue producers like Never Say Die Records / NSD: Black Label regulars Trampa and Moore Kismet.

SLANDER, Moody Good and KARRA dropped the original single “Heart Break” on Nov. 5, 2019; as of today, it has accumulated more than 1.2 million Spotify streams as well as nearly 80,500 YouTube views.

“Supporting talented artists through remix packs is one of our favorite things to do,” tweeted SLANDER’s Derek Andersen and Scott Land. “If even one person discovers someone new, they absolutely love, we are content.”

Stream Moody Good and SLANDER’s Heart Break (Remixes) below.

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