Longtime collaborators VenessaMichaels and LUVK, are back with yet another track sure to make you dance and feel good. Released last week via VenessaMichaels’s record label, 2090 World, “Moment Forever” is a tune that packs a luscious punch. A little over three minutes long, “Moment Forever” makes good use of the time with their skills. “Your gaze is like the ocean breeze, crashing into me,” sings LUVK. Her classically-trained voice is soulful and telling—contrasting nicely with the tropical house beats courtesy of VenessaMichaels. 

The bass is steady but not overwhelming while the drum pattern keeps you in lockstep. “Moment Forever” is what we need right now. It’s a track you can easily hear during a mid-day festival, but instead of making you depressingly nostalgic, it keeps you hopeful for better days to come. 

There’s something organic when the worlds of soul and electronic merge. The fast-paced soundscapes and slow groove make you appreciate the track. Look no further than DJ Metatron’s sullen tune, “2 Bad” that sampled Mary J. Blige’s “Your Child.” Or how about Raär’s frenzied “Leave Me In My Broken Dreams,” sampling “What Becomes of The Broken Hearted” by Jimmy Ruffin. And now there’s the soul/hip-hop/pop/electronic expertise of LUVK and VenessaMichaels who expand the genres to entire projects.

To celebrate the release, LUVK released six new pieces from her fashion brand, F.O.P. The release was broadcasted on Spin Magazine’s Twitch channel with a performance by LUVK and VenessaMichaels. LUVK launched F.O.P (For Other People, For Our People) last year as a fashion brand that celebrates and welcomes all ages, genders, and races. 

As 2020 is finally starting to wind-down, listeners can anticipate the debut album by LUVK—of course, produced by VenessaMichaels—soon. As for VenessaMichaels, her collaborative skills are continuing to extend far and wide. She has worked with Kaleena Zanders and co-wrote J. Worra’s track “On The Run.” Outside of albums and songs, VenessaMichaels produced the main title track for Dreamworks’ animated series, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.

Earlier in the summer, VenessaMichaels produced “Creme Brulee” with Kaleena Zanders. With four remixes to boot, “Creme Brulee” is a swift and captivating electronic track that bounces off the walls when played instrumentally; however, when you add the soulful crescendos, it has the flow of a lava lamp–gently swaying and grooving. It’s hard not to see why “Creme Brulee” was added as the No. 1 track on Spotify’s Dance Rising playlist.

LUVK and VenessaMichaels is just the duo we need right now: A pair that can tug at our heartstrings with a soulful pitch that makes us bop our heads. It’s fair to say we can’t wait to see what the duo comes up with next. 

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