In the electronic realm, a young producer means a spring of talent, and the same proves true with teenager Moore Kismet. Last month the newcomer debuted their single “Drift” featuring Bajillionaire on Bassrush Records, an experimental but coherent bass track topped with brilliant vocals, an overall emotion-heavy contribution to Kismet’s collection. Now they return to Bassrush with “Beauty Is A Facade,” a song amounting from the coming-to-terms-with-oneself journey that we all must take in our younger years.

“Beauty Is A Facade” begins with a haunting introduction, expanding into an impressive bass beat, building suspense and intrigue with every second. The build switches gears into a pressure-cooker of anticipation, dropping seamlessly into Kismet’s classic glitch-bass style. Future-riddim reminiscent while maintaining the depth and interest of dubstep and bass, the execution is flawless. The second drop is even more so energetic, evoking a whole bouquet of beauty, countering the title’s aversion. The third brings even more new flavor, making the track itself a multi-faceted masterpiece.

Industry mainstays better watch out as Moore Kismet clearly seeks to make a name and stake their place in the bass scene. Find out more about Moore Kismet in our exclusive interview here.

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