Breakups are hard. On INTRN‘s latest EP New Distractions, he examines the messy and complicated feelings surrounding the end of a relationship, crafting something of a concept project made for you to get immersed in.

Each of the four songs outlines different themes of an ongoing inner-dialogue with himself post-breakup. INTRN’s lyricism carries the unique ability to be deeply personal yet never unrelatable; listeners can easily see pieces of themselves in the middle of his stories. “Hope I can make somebody smile like you did / Standing in a room full of people telling some jokes that only you and I get,” he muses on lead single “Seams.” It’s this kind of vivid imagery of a unique situation that so many have experienced, and stings all the more in the given context.

His signature lo-fi sound further adds to this minimalistic, conversational style. There are no distractions (no pun intended), which leaves his words at the forefront of each piece and allows for a vulnerable showing. On “Honest,” INTRN puts forth some of his most personal lyrics to date; he dives headfirst into what it means to be truly honest with himself about his own mental health, something that often takes a hit after a difficult situation. Followed up with second single “Week or 2”, we see the artist realizing that it’s time to let go of a relationship that simply wasn’t meant to be. Culminating in a moment of somber clarity, the title track is song that sounds like the melancholy end of a film, a fitting way to end this sonic journey.

This is by far INTRN’s most fully realized project to date. New Distractions shows the singer-songwriter’s growth as an artist, leaning into his sound and establishing his unique presence in today’s sonic landscape. INTRN is the one to watch.

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