We’re loving the goods that Protohype and his label Underdog Records are delivering at the minute. After a single from Elderbass, next up is a three-piece EP from Canada’s Matt Doe, who went solo in 2019 and is known for his swaggering, super heavy style.

The WHATCHU LOOKIN’ AT EP features two originals from himself, plus a must-hear collaboration with Protohype himself, “Hold Me Close.” It’s a record that was born out of experimentation, with Doe saying: So, this whole thing started with the simple idea of touching areas and sub-genres I haven’t really been comfortable working with yet; from heavy dubstep to weird trap and old school dubstep. I also figured, as much as these times have been weird for all of us, I didn’t want to let it affect my creativity and get “stuck” in the process.”

We have the exclusive premiere of the title track today, which doesn’t remotely hold back with its shattering drum strikes, off-kilter melodies and intense vocal slaps. He goes on to add: “If there’s one message I could send out with this EP it’s that no matter how anxious you get trying different things in a single track, there’s always one thing you should remember, and it’s to have fun creating!”

Be sure to check the full release too!

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