Ahead of Guilt Chip and SUAHN‘s forthcoming Absolute Ruin EP on Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN, we are excited to share the exclusive premiere “Brutalism” one day early.

Oklahoma’s Guilt Chip and Baltimore’s SUAHN teamed up for the collaborative and colossal single, which sounds like an acid trip gone wrong – in the best way possible. “Brutalism” begins with a captivating introduction made possible by way of old school rave stabs, 4×4 drums and glitchy fills. From there, it offers a wave of suspense before building up into an experimental bass drop filled with offbeat snares and unusual vocal samples. The madness continues with an additional mutilated synth lead and continued off-kilter fills and siren samples.

There’s no shortage of creativity from the budding producers, who have cut their teeth on numerous succesful solo releases to date. After Guilt Chip remixed SUAHN earlier this year and vice versa, it’s no wonder the two finally put their heads together for a collaborative project.

“Absolute Ruin is, to date, my favorite body of work I have been a part of. When Blake and I first met, we were casually passing songs back and forth until we both realized that we had the same taste for music that pushed everything to its absolute edge. When we started collaborating together it was effortless. There were no limits since we both wanted to “go further” or try to push past what a lot would feel uncomfortable doing. When combining Guilt Chips weaponized dialup modem bass music with my paranoid and distorted acid, I like to think we created something that feels like falling into a sinkhole and not knowing when you’re going to hit the bottom.” – SUAHN

Presave Absolute Ruin here and listen to “Brutalism” below.

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