Dropping tomorrow and ready to implode is the Underdog Records compilation The Pack Vol.1. Its the first multi-artist LP Protohype and his awesome team are presenting and reaches a total of 13 tracks that represent their sound in its entirety.

We’ve got the premiere of “Strangerz,” which has been ably produced by the San Diego duo Blurrd Vzn. Immense in its builds and fit to burst with depth of production, this is an incredible addition to the album.

Protohype has shared some background into his vision with Underdog, explaining: “The main reason I started Underdog Records was to create a platform for the artists who deserve recognition, but were unable to in such a saturated market. There are SO many talented artists that haven’t yet gotten their shine. This compilation is filled both with artists close to me and artists I just met, but they all share the same thing… AMAZING MUSIC! I can’t wait for you to listen to THE PACK Vol. 1, and I’ll see you on the other side!”

Hear “Strangerz” below and you can get hold of the release here. 

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